Even the longest journey begins with one step…

This wonderful oriental-style musing embodies the intellectual and spiritual essence at the core of every small, great project, and it is with this spirit that we have undertaken the new Von Blumen adventure.

Our family first conceived this journey long ago, considering for many years the possibility of expanding our business into the Alto Adige, carving out an ideal stretch of land for Roeno label wines.

The decision was made after careful deliberation and evaluation and the first experiments in the vineyard and winery were used to fully understand the new terroirs.

The vineyards stretch for about 12 hectares and contain varying amounts of the most distinctive local grape varieties.

We officially began bottling the first wines in 2013 and, year after year, we have strived to create wines that capture the expressiveness of this generous, exquisite land.

Finally, we would like to emphasize that this project is dedicated to our mother, whose strength, determination and tenacity have taught us each day, over many years, to apply in work and life the fundamental principle that great results cannot be achieved without sacrifice and persistence.

Von Blumen is the German version of her last name and it is what we have affectionately called her since we have come to understand her.

Roberta, Cristina e Giuseppe Fugatti 

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